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    Hat jemand Infos über die Kommunalwahlen in der Republik Zypern ?
    Durften die Neubürger :P :P auch wählen ?

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    Wir hätten wählen dürfen, wenn wir uns rechtzeitig drum gekümmert hätten...und hätten wir den bisherigen Bürgermeister gewählt, hätten wir gute Chancen gehabt, dass er das Umsetzen unseres Wasserzählers von derzeit 400m weit weg direkt ans Haus bezahlt hätte. , so läuft das hier. Jetzt bleibt der Wasserzähler erstmal, wo er ist.

    Aber wie die Wahlen ausgegangen sind, weiß ich nicht. Ich halte mal die Ohren offen.

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    Dieser Artikel über den Ausgang der Wahlen war gestern in der Cyprus Mail :

    No losers in municipal elections
    By By Constantine Markides
    (archive article - Tuesday, December 19, 2006)
    THE FIRST female mayor of the capital was elected on Sunday when Eleni Mavrou edged out DISY’s Anna Marangou and ousted former mayor Michalakis Zampelas in a hotly contested Nicosia municipal election.
    Former Interior Minister Andreas Christou was elected mayor of Limassol, while former House Speaker Alexis Galanos knocked out Yiannakis Skordi to become the new Famagusta mayor.
    Having secured their mayoral candidates in 18 of the 33 municipalities, the tripartite party collaboration of AKEL, DIKO, and EDEK maintained their dominance. But opposition DISY managed to stand its ground, demonstrating it remains a force to contend with after it won the largest number of candidates – 11 – of any one party.

    Four of the elected mayors were independents, including Peyia Mayor Neophytos Akoursiotis, who was re-elected with the backing of the Greens.

    The mayors of six municipalities – Morphou, Kythrea, Lysi, Lefkoniko, Karavas and Kato Polemidia – were elected unopposed.

    The ruling coalition has pointed to its victories in Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos and Larnaca as illustrative of its primacy in Sunday’s elections.

    AKEL secured seven of its 12 candidate mayors while DIKO secured all seven of its candidate mayors. But the other coalition member, EDEK, was seen as the loser of the elections, with only two of its six candidates winning.

    DISY head Nicos Anastassiades yesterday proclaimed that the results were a triumph for his party and a vindication of its policies, claiming that not only did the party win a major victory in Famagusta, among other municipalities, but it also saw an increase in its percentage of municipal counsellors in office.

    Even in municipalities where the DISY candidate did not win – such as in Nicosia and Limassol – the narrowness of the races demonstrated the rising strength of the opposition party.
    For example in Limassol, DISY’s Eleni Theocharous surprised everyone by garnering 44.86 per cent of the vote, only around 10 percentage points short of that secured by the ruling coalition’s candidate Andreas Christou, a popular former minister whom most everyone regarded as an incontestable favourite.

    And in Nicosia, DISY’s Anna Marangou secured 32.17 per cent of the vote, less than three percentage points behind the winner, Eleni Mavrou, who won 34.93 per cent. Outgoing mayor Michalakis Zampelas, who was supported by EVROKO, took 27.32 per cent of the vote, while independent Nicos Mesaritis secured 5.58 per cent.

    In Larnaca, Andreas Moiseos of the ruling coalition was re-elected Mayor, securing 52.37 per cent of the vote, while his rival, DISY’s Nicos Themistocleous, garnered 47.63 per cent.
    Despite significant victories, AKEL was dealt a major blow in the elections for Famagusta mayor. AKEL mayor Yiannakis Skordis garnered only 44.41 per cent of the vote while former House of Representatives President Alexis Galanos from opposition DISY secured 55.59 per cent of the vote.
    Winning 57.56 per cent of the vote, Savvas Iliofotou has secured his third term as mayor of Strovolos, as did Andreas Hadjiloizou in Ayio Dometio.

    In Engomi Nikos Pavlides was re-elected mayor with 83.73 per cent of the vote, winning by the largest margin in any of the ballots.

    The Sunday results also signalled the departure of independent Nikos Vlittis, who served for 20 years in Paralimni, and of Varvara Pericleous, who has served for 12 years in Ayia Napa.
    After two decades in office mayor Andreas Petrou of Aglandjia was re-elected by a mere
    nine votes in a gripping electoral battle (5,103 votes to 5,094), which will make him the
    longest-serving mayor.
    In a rare instance, non-Cypriot Linda Leblanc made history in Peyia when she was elected to the position of municipal councillor

    Turkish Cypriot and EU voters
    THE VOTE counting began immediately after voting ended at 6pm Sunday. In total 505,172 people were registered to vote.

    According to Elections Officer Lazaros Savvides, this was the first time that 309 Turkish Cypriot registered voters cast their ballot paper alongside Greek Cypriots and non-Cypriot EU nationals.
    With Cyprus’ accession to the EU, 3,728 non-Cypriot voters (mainly British and Greeks) also participated in the local elections.

    Despite the fact that the elections marked a record abstention rate, Tassos Papadopoulos commended the Cypriots and European nationals who voted, claiming that the high percentage of participants (86 per cent) demonstrated their respect for local administration and their commitment to democratic procedures.

    In Cyprus voting in governmental elections is still nominally compulsory, although abstention is rarely prosecuted.

    Who are the 33 new mayors?
    Mayors backed by the tripartite coalition of AKEL, DIKO and EDEK:
    1. Nicosia: Eleni Mavrou
    2. Limassol: Andreas Christou
    3. Larnaca: Andreas Moiseos
    4. Paphos Savvas Vergas
    5. Ayia Napa: Antonis Tsokkos
    6. Kerynia: Maria Ioannou
    7. Morphou: Charalambos Pittas
    8. Strovolos: Savvas Eliofotou
    9. Ayios Dhometios: Andreas Hadjiloizou
    10. Engomi: Nikos Pavlides
    11. Ayios Athanassios: Kyriakos Hadjittofis
    12. Kato Polemidia: Georgos Georgiou
    13. Mesa Geitonia: Christos Mesis
    14. Athienou: Spiros Papouis
    15. Geroskipou: Tassos Kouzopos
    16. Karavas: Yiannakis Papaioannou
    17. Lapithos: Athos Eleftheriou
    18. Akanthou: Savvas Savvides

    Mayors backed by DISY:
    1. Famagusta: Alexis Galanos
    2. Paralimni: Andreas Evangelou
    3. Aglandjia: Andreas Petrou
    4. Lakatamia: Loukas Iatros
    5. Latsia: Panayiotis Kyprianou
    6. Dali: Leontios Kallenos
    7. Dheryneia: Antis (Sotiriou) Siapanis
    8. Aradhippou: Christakis Liperis
    9. Lefkoniko: Michalakis Pilikos
    10. Lysi: Andreas Ttofias
    11. Germasoyia: Andreas Gavrielides

    Independent Mayors:
    1. Peyia: Neophytos Akoursiotis
    2. Kythrea: Michalakis Savva
    3. Pano Lefkara: Andreas Soseilos
    4. Polis tis Chrysochous: Angelos Odysseos

    Copyright © Cyprus Mail 2006

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