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Thema: Wieder Brände auf Zypern

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    Wieder Brände auf Zypern

    Es brennt erneut auf Zypern; diesmal hat ein Feuer im Ort Yiolou in der Paphos-Region gewütet:

    Another day, another fire
    By Elias Hazou

    A FIERCE blaze in the southwest of the island yesterday loomed menacingly close to residential areas, less than 24 hours after firefighters finished battling flames in the Larnaca district.

    Yesterday’s was the latest in more than 30 fires that have broken out over the past couple of weeks, coming in the wake of the inferno in the Troodos forest near Saittas that destroyed ten square kilometers of forest and farmland at the end of June.

    The latest fire erupted shortly after 3pm close to the village of Yiolou in the Paphos district. Fanned by strong winds, flames soon reached the neighboring village of Dhrymou.
    By 8pm firefighters had managed to contain the front, thanks largely to the abating winds, but forces remained on standby in case of an overnight resurgence.

    Nestled in a picturesque valley between Paphos and Polis, Yiolou is a popular residential area with British expatriates and other foreigners.

    At least one house was damaged by the fire, reports said. “I saw 10-meter-high flames licking my home,” said David Michael of Scotland, the owner of the house.

    Nine fire engines and two helicopters were used to fight the flames.

    By the time the situation was under control, the area was a blackened wasteland, as olive orchards, oak trees and vegetation were consumed.

    Only on Monday, another fire in the Larnaca district had swept through 10 square kilometers of land, burning a house to the ground, as well as greenhouses and cultivated land.
    Flames came to within 100 metres of Kalavasos village, while on a second front in Mosfiloti and Pyrga rescue services were kept busy for much of the day.

    “We are crying over the rubble,” Kalavasos community leader Michalis Soteriou said.
    And he appealed for urgent reforestation, as the village has been left exposed to possible mudslides from the now barren hill slopes.

    Speaking from Kalavasos, where a firefighting coordination centre had been set up, Minister of Agriculture Fotis Fotiou pledged assistance to the afflicted residents.

    ''It appears that the issue of fires, with the weather conditions and high temperatures in Cyprus, is a matter we must pay close attention to and we must formulate a strategy based on the facts,'' he said.

    He added his ministry was already in the process of purchasing a small plane, similar to the Forestry Department plane, to strengthen Cyprus' fire-fighting capabilities.

    But to the affected communities, this must have sounded like a case of too little too late.

    Angry residents in Kalavasos say authorities neglected the fire there to divert resources elsewhere, after which they were left vulnerable to a resurgence of the fires.

    However, Soteriou conceded yesterday that when the two fire-fighting helicopters left on Monday, the fire had already died down and the wind had directed it towards Mosfiloti village, where it was burning out of control. The wind later changed and the subsequent whirlwinds brought it back to the edge of Kalavasos.

    The government has come under strong criticism for the scarce firefighting means at the country’s disposal, meaning current resources are strained every time a major blaze erupts.

    “Instead of wasting £250 million on the S-300 missiles, which now lie idle in Crete, we could have used that money to buy a hundred helicopters,” remarked AKEL parliamentary spokesman Nicos Katsourides.

    He was referring to the Clerides administration’s purchase of the Russian-made anti-aircraft system.

    Copyright © Cyprus Mail 2007

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    Ja Ganz schlimm hier obwohl wie ueblich die Zyprioten ganz leicht uebertreiben wenn sie sagen " Disasters of Biblical Proportions"

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    Zypern-Insider Avatar von CY
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    nicht zu vergessen auch die leidige Angewohnheit der Einheimischen allen möglichen Müll aus dem Autofenster zu werfen, inkl. Zigarettenkippen!!!

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    Zitat Zitat von CY
    nicht zu vergessen auch die leidige Angewohnheit der Einheimischen allen möglichen Müll aus dem Autofenster zu werfen, inkl. Zigarettenkippen!!!
    Obwohhl ich sagen muß, daß ich im Juni viel weniger Müll in der freien Natur gesehen habe. Habt Ihr auch diese Erfahrung gemacht?

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    unregistrierter Gast
    Hallo -

    die Erfahrung mit dem Müll konnte ich leider nicht machen - wir arbeiten jeden Tag oben in den Bergen und es ist immer noch genauso schlimm und wimmelt von Kühlschränken, Waschmaschinen, alten Autos und den obligatorischen Wasserflaschen und Plastiktüten.

    Da krieg ich jedesmal sooooooo einen Hals - wie kann man sein schönes Land so verschandeln

    Gruß, Andrea

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