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Thema: We move to Cyprus - do you have some tips?

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    We move to Cyprus - do you have some tips?

    I have from my company from 01.03. get a new offer within the company. Headquarters is Dubai. Actually, they also wanted us to move there. After we were there we canceled this directly and decided now for Cyprus. Main reasons are beside the fact that we like Cyprus better than Dubai the flight times to Germany, EU residence ... etc.

    Financially the whole thing is great we get everything paid (moving, car ... etc.) And through the job we have no risk even if we are totally unhappy after a year we can not go back.

    But now my questions to you to find the optimal location. We are 39 and 35 and have a little son 2 years of German and French speaking. We have very close, old friends (he from Munich and they from Limassol live there too). So it is clear to us that we are moving to Limassol.

    As you probably agree, Limassol is not exactly the most beautiful city on earth. We were now back and have also visited 7 houses with a broker. After that, I was honestly not sure because nothing was really great. I then decided that we first move into a furnished apartment / hotel and then we search in peace on site.

    I'll tell you what we're looking for / what's important to us maybe you have some suggestions about which area in Limassol / suburbs or other cities you can recommend.

    I travel a lot and we have lived in Berlin for the past 5 years so it is important that we do not live in the wilderness. My wife definitely wants to be connected to the "city" in some way. It should not be too far from the airport and an international kindergarten for our son. Nevertheless, the environment should be such that the children can play outside.

    We have now looked up to houses with pool and garden in Limassol up to € 3,000. Sometimes it was right on the highway, sometimes full on the hills with no business far and wide. I also consider whether there are residential areas with many children and pleasant people where the kids can play and then, for example. has a community pool.

    Do you have ideas? Do you think that I see Limassol too critical? We are grateful for any help.

    Best regards

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    I had a similar problem when coming to Cyprus.

    While Limassol is not pretty, seen with eyes accutsomed to orderly German cities, in my opinion it is the best compromise. I settled for an apartment in Amathuntos Avenue, which is on the outskirts of Limassol, nearest to the airport you can get while still being in Limassol.

    In the condominium I live in, "The Residence" (www.theresidence.com.cy), they always have some apartments for rent, owned by Russian Holders of Cypriot passports. For the money you mentioned you can get a three bedroom flat, probably. If interested, call George at 099579595. He is the property manager and most helpful.


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