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Thema: Help Needed: Northern Cyprus, Ercan Airport

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    Help Needed: Northern Cyprus, Ercan Airport


    Dear All,

    I need some help and hope that a few of you have already been to ECN. Although I'm an experienced traveller I really hassle a lot with this trip. I will fly from IST to ECN with Cyprus Turkish Airlines and back the next day with Pegasus to AYT. I was wondering if it was possible to stay overnight at ECN airport and if there is any bus/coach connection from ECN to Nicosia or other cities (I could only find taxi connections). ECN airport does not really have a website, so this doesn't helps. Also, I am EU citizen (Germany), but I have a Republic of Cyprus stamp in my passport. Should this been a problem? Foreign affair ministery of Germany and other sources don't mention this could be a problem. Is there a passport control from Turkey to Northern Cyprus (when entering Northern Cyprus only or also when leaving Turkey)? Concerning the tickets, I could by KTHY ticket through their London office, but I hasse with Pegasus. Last question, if some of you speak Turkish: When I try to make the reservation with Pegasus, I have following pricing options, what do they mean? Are the cheapest prices (35 YTL) only for selected persons or is this just the name of the special offer?

    Please help

    I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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    Thank you

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    Nothing is a problem with your stamps in your passport.-
    Yes, you must by leaving the Turkish Rpublik a passport control and in the T.R.N.C. you also have to pass after landing in ECN the immigration - this is all over the world the same - nothing special.

    I don't understand why you want to go back the next day? Is this your meaning of holidays? Don't you have time to enjoy this beautiful island?

    About bus or taxi connection I don't know . . .

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