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Thema: Zai kommt im Mai nach Zypern! (no pun intended ;) )

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    Neu im Zypern-Forum
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    Zai kommt im Mai nach Zypern! (no pun intended ;) )

    Hallo zusammen,

    ich heiße Zai, bin 21 und ich gehe im Mai für 2-3 Wochen nach Zypern. Ich habe vor viel zu wandern und dass essen in Zypern zu genießen. Ich denke ich werde die zwei Drittel im Süden verbringen und das letzte Drittel im Norden von Zypern.

    Da es mein erster Solo Urlaub ist, bin ich besonders gespannt darauf was ich alles so erleben werde.
    Neben dem wandern, werde ich auch teilweise in den Städten sein und dort mal ein Tag verbringen. Da mich kreative Aktivitäten begeistern (z.B. malen) , wäre es cool wenn jemand vlt. In diese Richtung mir einen Geheimtipp geben könnte, was ich denn so machen könnte.

    Natürlich sind auch sonstige Tipps und Anregungen super bzgl. Reisezielen oder guten Hostels etc.

    Ich freue mich schon auf eure Rückmeldungen!

    Liebe Grüße

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    Zypern-Insider Avatar von CY
    Dabei seit
    Zai kommt im Mai nach CY

    zum Thema Kunst und Kreativ fällt mir spontan nur Lemba ein: http://artcyprus.wixsite.com/cypruscollegeofart

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    Ich bin zwar bekennender Kunstbanause, aber die östereichische Botschaft hat kürzlich einein Sponsoraufruf verschickt hinsichtlich Aktionen im Zusammenhang mit der Weltkulturhauptstadt Paphos. Da gibt es sicherlich noch viel mehr (Tante Google weiss das wohl), aber hier meine 2 ct.:

     “Bodies in Urban Spaces“ by Cie. Willi Dorner (Pafos, 10 Mai 2017):

    “bodies in urban spaces” is a moving trail, choreographed for a group of dancers. In this case the famous Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner will be working with local dancers and performers from Pafos. The performers lead the audience through selected parts of public and/or semi-public spaces of Pafos. A chain of physical interventions set up very quickly and only existing temporarily allows the viewer to perceive the same space or place in a new and different way - on the run. The special quality of each place at various times of the day creates unique and distinct presentations.

    “bodies in urban spaces” is a temporary intervention in a diversified urban architectonical environment. The intention of “bodies in urban spaces” is to point out the urban functional structure and to uncover the restricted possibilities for movement and behaviour as well as their rules and limitations.

    By placing the bodies in selected spots the interventions provoke a thinking process and produce irritation. Passers-by, residents and audience are motivated and prompted to reflect their urban surroundings and their own move-behaviour and habits. “Bodies in urban spaces” invites the residents of Pafos to walk their own city thus establishing a stronger relationship to their neighbourhood, district and town. The interventions are temporary, without leaving any traces behind but for imprints in the eye-witnesses` memory.

    This is event will be a unique experience not only for the audience and for the passers-by, who - in a way - add to and interact with the whole performance, but also a one-off opportunity for Cypriot performers to work with a world-famous and very original choreographer.

    The performances are never the same. Each performance is created according to the city and its surroundings. An example of a trail of “bodies in urban spaces” can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaMk8q0aJyE

    The Austrian Embassy has chosen this project to take place within the framework of the “Open Air Factory” of Pafos2017 and many of the preparations for the project have already been made. However, an amount of € 5,000 still needs to be gathered in order to proceed with the finalisation of this project. Willi Dorner will be visiting Cyprus this February (15th to 17th !) to make auditions and choose the performers who will be participating at this event, which makes the financing question a matter of utmost urgency.

     Light installation by Victoria Coeln

    Re/visiting Mouttalos
    Through the projects in this section we re/visit in a symbolic but also literal sense the community of Mouttalos which formed the core of the Turkish Cypriot community in Paphos, thus highlighting the issues of our bi-communal society and fostering dialogue, examining variously historical presentations, and artistic and literary expressions. The works in this section are designed to attract the attention and interest to a wide range of topics and to encourage critical re-thinking of the modern history of the controversy in relation to national and cultural identity of the Cypriots. A variety of topics affecting Cypriot society is presented in a format of visual arts, performances, debates, film screenings, storytelling and engaging people through routes in villages which were inhabited in the past by both communities. The series of activities will take place with the participation of Cypriot and foreign artists, intellectuals and academics in cooperation with the Home for Cooperation, the Cyprus University, Neapolis and the Association for Historical Dialogue.
    Coming Together in Mouttalos
    A cultural path aimed at revealing the long history of the place and exploring new possibilities. This path will go through the existing derelict buildings and monuments in Mouttalos but also from specific streets where temporary actions will take place. Along the redevelopment of Mouttalos henna trees will be planted connecting the region with its past. During the planting process various activities and exhibitions will be hosted curated by photographer Ergenc Mehmet. One of the main routes will be used to host an outdoor table and an exhibition of traditional dishes. Residents of Mouttalos, past and present will meet at various gastronomy events as a symbol of intercultural exchange. The Mosque (or similar place) will host Rotating Dervishes in a performance ritual filled with mysticism and spirituality by Mehlevi Sema, a world cultural heritage site.
    In cooperation with the University of Nicosia and the project architects of the regeneration of Mouttalos, an exhibition will be held with Archives of Local Monuments and Stories based on recorded data, images and mapping of the settlement of Mouttalos. The exhibition will reflect the multilayered narratives about Mouttalos.
    There will also be an exhibit of a collection of small objects associated with Mouttalos, and an explanation of their connection with that particular location.
    Mouttalos - A neighbourhood in the uncertainty
    A site that is not owned by anyone, neither its owners nor the Greek Cypriot refugees who settled there after the tragic events of 1974. Various activities will be placed in the area where mainly Turkish Cypriots lived seeking to illuminate through narratives the history of the two communities in the region. Artists from both communities will create temporary actions and installations aiming to reunite the past with the present and one community with the other. With sensitivity and attention to detail, the project will illuminate spaces in Mouttalos and symbolically use scenes for small actions uniting the fabric of a neighborhood that has been interrupted. Places like an abandoned phone booth or a courtyard with flowers will be tidied up by creating a path to follow again and to hear the stories of the space.
    Austrian light artist Victoria Coeln will bring light to this abandoned area with her project Chromotopia which has already travelled to and in many countries in combination with improvised dance performances with a contemporary Austrian dancer. There are also ideas to bring together Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot dancers to perform in this context.

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